Dust and Virus Filtration

Mask with Botanicals

Additionally blocks 99.7% of UV!

Dust and Virus Filtration

Mask with Botanicals

Additionally blocks 99.7% of UV!

Dust and Virus Filtration

Mask with Botanicals

Additionally blocks 99.7% of UV!

1 Mask, 5 Benefits

Filter PM0.3 (filter sold separately)

Anti Droplets

Anti UV Rays

Reduce Seasonal Allergies


Not only prevent pollution and viruses, but also beneficial to skin with functional botanical blends.

ESCURA mask is made from natural fabric that is soft and breathable. It is totally nontoxic and it's safe and comfortable to wear all day long.

Key Ingredients

All of our products are safe and nontoxic. There are about 39,100 plant species in the world, and more than half of them contain therapeutic properties. ESCURA specifically choose those that are safe and beneficial to your skin from what the nature provided to us.

TENCEL™ Soft Skin Touch

Made from sustainably sourced wood, TENCEL™ is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and super soft. Your skin will feel cool and dry throughout the day and night.

VegeDry® Block Droplets

VegeDry is a relatively new invention made from plant extracts with natural water-repellent property. It helps to stop droplets directly to your mouth, and therefore helps to prevent the spread of airborne disease.

smartcel™ sensitive Anti-Odor

smartcel™ sensitive is an innovative fiber which includes zinc. Zinc is vital for our immune system and metabolism, as well as skin regeneration and protection.

VILOFT® Comfort Breathing

Fabrics made of VILOFT® consist 70 % of air, due to its special fibre cross section. The structure allows air breath in and out freely without feeling suffocated.

LYCRA® Durable and Stretchy

LYCRA® provides durable stretch for comfort and fit. It provides bounce-back recovery for exceptional shape retention. The lasting performance extending the wear life of your underwear.

3D Weaving Techology

Designs For All Day Wear

Natural Water-Repellent

German Patented Natural

Encapsulated Natural
Zinc Oxide

Natural Lyocell

Replacement Filter

Breathable Weaving
  • Highly breathable
  • No hot air build-up

Trusted Lab Tested Filters up to 95% of Fine Particle

Keeps hazardous particles away from your nose and lungs

Changeable filter layer for better hygiene

PM0.3 filtration, filtering particles that's 8 times smaller than PM2.5!

Secrets to Stay Fresh Hour After Hour

  • Anti UV with high grade botanical natural fabric

  • Filtering PM0.3 (particles smaller than PM2.5) with replacement filter layer, keeps dust and virus away

  • Thermo-regulation for maximum comfort

  • Control moisture so bacteria don''t build up

  • Botanical extracts to give your skin the power to rehydrate itself


For Long Periods of Wear

Prevent constricted pain by earloops

Stretchy and soft earloops

Stretchy and soft earloops

No stitch, raw edge design

No stitch, raw edge design

Designed To Complement Any Outfit

Stay seal and mold around your face without feeling restricting

No Valve Design

A valve is only needed when the fabric itself doesn't provide enough ventilating, as in N95 mask. Plus, many valves are made of plastic, which is another cause for discomfort. When masks become an essential or even accessories in fashion, a no valve design will be your ultimate choice.

Our Approach

ESCURA develop products with ingredients that are safe to your skin. We combine the best of technology and nature to produce formulas that deliver incredible results.


No GMO, no pesticides, no dioxin, no formaldehyde. Nothing toxic to your skin.


Go beyond safe. Every piece in ESCURA delivers true benefits. Benefits that your skin needs for comfort.


Begin with ingredients used, ESCURA takes the best from nature. We sustainablely sourced our fibers and process with non-toxic dyes.