No more scratches

ESCURA underwear shield your skin from irritants and abrasive clothing that are causing allergies. Zinc oxide, by lab tests, is proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties that soothes itchy skins. With unique fiber blends of TENCEL and encapsulated zinc oxide, each ESCURA provides the softness and protection to what your skin needs.

What would you like to put on your skin?

Key Ingredients


Made from sustainably sourced wood, TENCEL™ is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and super soft. Your skin will feel cool and dry throughout the day and night.

smartcel™ sensitive

smartcel™ sensitive is an innovative fiber which includes zinc. Zinc is vital for immune system and metabolism, as well as skin regeneration and protection.


LYCRA® provides durable stretch for comfort and fit. It provides bounce-back recovery for exceptional shape retention. The lasting performance extending the wear life of your underwear.

Result | Clinical Test in Germany

Skin protective effects of a zinc oxide fictionalized textile. The lab test is showing when the clothing contains 19% of smartcel™ sensitive, the improvements after 4 days.

Zink+ clothing contains 74% Lyocell fiber, 19% SmartCell sensitive fiber (comprised of ZnO), and 7% spandex. Notes: Adult patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis were enrolled after informed consent. This ZnO textile was used for overnight underclothes in the form of trousers and long-sleeve shirts.

Clinical improvement of nummular atopic dermatitis with aduvant ZnO textile overnight before and after 4days.

1 Piece,  3 Benefits

Exceeding your expectation with the new formula


Help you sleep through the night

Viscose that are encapsulated with zinc oxide, helps you forget you had a rush.


Looking dry and feeling confident

Naturally inhibits bacterial growth and blocks odor causing bacteria.


Comfortable all day long

Contains more than 80% of TENCEL, wool pulp extracts, which makes incredible skin-to-skin contact.

Effective Even After Multiple Washes

Through unique formula, we blend encapsulated brown algae powder into TENCEL. The blend makes underwear naturally retain beneficial properties even after multiple washes.

Our Approach

ESCURA develop products with ingredients that are safe to your skin. We combine the best of technology and nature to produce formulas that deliver incredible results.


No GMO, no pesticides, no dioxin, no formaldehyde. Nothing toxic to your skin.


Go beyond safe. Every piece in ESCURA delivers true benefits. Benefits that your skin needs for comfort.


Begin with ingredients used, ESCURA takes the best from nature. We sustainablely sourced our fibers and process with non-toxic dyes.