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Next-Gen Biodegradable


Chemical-free, GMO-free, Super Pure

Become a Distributor of

Next-Gen Biodegradable


Chemical-free, GMO-free, Super Pure

Next-Gen Biodegradable Masks @ Lowest Setup Cost

Never before has it been easier to add biodegradable masks to your shop or store, with three simple options to choose from.

Option #1 Resale Ready Package

Complete, re-sale ready package, with low minimum order quantity (MOQ) at 50 pcs. A great start to test your market with this in-demand item.

Option #2 Co-Branding Package

Vendor package, custom logo printing. For bulk corporate gifts, brand promotionals, or your store logo for co-branding. MOQ: 1000 pcs.

Option #3 Made to Order Package

Wholesale pricing discount for orders over 5,000 pcs.

About ESCURA masks

ESCURA is a brand built on reliable source of skin-friendly fabrics. There are about 39,100 plant species in the world, and more than half of them contain therapeutic properties. ESCURA specifically choose those that are safe and beneficial to skin. All of our products are safe and nontoxic, designed to wear all day with comfort.


ESCURA face masks are completely natural, biodegradable & fully sustainable. Plastic-free. The fabric materials are from Europe, cut-and-sew in Taiwan with high quality assurance. Masks DO NOT come with filters BUT they do have a pocket inside for you to insert your own filter if you desire. 1 masks, 5 benefits.

Filter PM0.3
(filter sold separately)

Anti Droplets

Anti UV Rays

Reduce Seasonal Allergies


130+ countries and 20+ U.S. States have already made cloth masks required in public because they limit the spread of COVID-19

Designed To Complement Any Outfit

Stay seal and mold around your face without feeling restricting

No Valve Design

A valve is only needed when the fabric itself doesn't provide enough ventilating, as in N95 mask. Plus, many valves are made of plastic, which is another cause for discomfort. When masks become an essential or even accessories in fashion, a no valve design will be your ultimate choice.

Keeps hazardous particles away from your nose and lungs

Changeable filter layer for better hygiene

PM0.3 filtration, filtering particles that's 8 times smaller than PM2.5!

Key Ingredients

These ingredients are secrets to help stay fresh hour after hour of wearing mask, preciously natural.

TENCEL™ Soft Skin Touch
VegeDry® Block Droplets
smartcel™ sensitive Anti-Odor
VILOFT® Comfort Breathing
LYCRA® Durable and Stretchy

Success stories from businesses just like yours.

Learn how different industries drive traffic and increase their sales with ESCURA masks.

Honest Land - The Organic Grocery Chain

Honest Land is a very popular natural and organic grocery store that sells organic foods and products. Honest Land introduces ESCURA to its online and retail stores to meet the popular demand of masks.

gogoro - The Smart Scooter

ESCURA is co-branding with gogoro, to provide custom logo mask for gogoro riders at its online store.

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Our masks are not particulate filtering N95 medical masks, but will offer protection and help to inhibit the transmission of COVID-19.


ESCURA is an independent maker of men's and women's underwear and lifestyle collections. Our mission is to make the stuff next to our skin non-toxic, safe, and beneficial to skin. We now refocused a large part of our cut & sew to the production of face masks to meet the demand today.