How to start Men & Women
underwear business online?

Opportunity is Knocking!

Think about Uber, Airbnb, and Alibaba. Innovative business models are changing the world as we know it. We bring a new model to underwear business. Are you ready to explore new business model?

Lack of Systems Is Killing Your Business Growth

Are you in fashion business looking to expand? Or are you in the industry looking to attract new customer group (our clients include organic retailers and fitness gyms for example). Are you a startup looking for business in lingerie? Check out how your business may grow exponentially by just adding a new value business model!

Our Advantages

All fabrics and garments are produced directly from our factory.You buy from the source.

Already a built business in market. You will launch a market-ready platform fast, and without stress.

Experts in producing sustainable and biodegrade garments, which is now trendy in fashion and ligerine business.

How you find us is how you will find your customers – leverage our online marketing campaigns to expand customer base.


Nature to Nature

Escura is a brand built on reliable source of skin-friendly fabrics. Algae, recycled fish scale, milk, zinc oxides just to name a few. If your role is to offer what the future wears, Escura is for you. At Escura, our everyday task is to look for reliable source of skin-friendly fabrics, make them into apparels, undergarments and accessories for everyday, safe wear.

Ask How Now!

Become a distributor and enjoy the business opportunities that our comprehensive range of collections delivers. We will help. Write to us today.